bcParserCPP 2.8
Math Parser for C++
CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > Member List
This is the complete list of members for CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >, including all inherited members.
CMathParser()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
CNParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT > (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [friend]
COneParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT > (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [friend]
CreateDefaultFuncs()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, virtual]
CreateDefaultVars()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, virtual]
CreateFunc(string_t newFuncName, int numParams, PParserFunction funcAddress)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
CreateParseTree(const string_t expressionToParse, CNode< _ValueT > *&Node)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
CreateVar(string_t varName, _ValueT varValue)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
CTwoParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT > (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [friend]
CUnknownVarNode< _CharT, _ValueT > (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [friend]
DeleteAllFuncs()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
DeleteAllVars()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
DeleteFunc(string_t funcName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
DeleteVar(string_t varName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
Evaluate()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
FindLastOper(const string_t &formula)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
FreeParseTree()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetDefinedFunctionInfo()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetDefinedFunctionNames()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetDefinedVariableNames()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetExpression()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetOptimizationOn()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetValue()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetVariable(string_t varName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetVariableCallback()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetX()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
GetY()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
IsFuncRegistered(const string_t name)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
IsFunction(string_t funcName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
IsFuncUsed(string_t funcName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
IsNParamFunc(const string_t &formula, vector< string_t > &params, PParserFunction *funcAddr)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
IsOneParamFunc(const string_t &formula, string_t &param, PParserFunction *funcAddr, int CurrChar)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
IsTwoParamFunc(const string_t &formula, string_t &paramLeft, string_t &paramRight, PParserFunction *funcAddr, int CurrChar)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
IsVariable(string_t varName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
IsVariableUsed(string_t varName)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
Optimize(void)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, protected]
Parse()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
ParserException typedefCMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
ParserFunction typedefCMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
PParserFunction typedef (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
PVariableCallback typedef (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
Randomize()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetExpression(string_t expr)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetOptimizationOn(BOOL newVal)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetVariable(string_t varName, _ValueT varValue)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetVariableCallback(PVariableCallback callbackFunction)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetX(_ValueT newVal)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
SetY(_ValueT newVal)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline]
string_t typedefCMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
TFunctionMap typedef (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [protected]
TVarMap typedef (defined in CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >)CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [protected]
VariableCallback typedefCMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >
~CMathParser()CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT > [inline, virtual]
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