bcParserCPP 2.8
Math Parser for C++
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CBasicNode< _ValueT >Node type that holds constant values
CMathParser< _CharT, _ValueT >CMathParser C++ template class parses and evaluates expressions given as string at runtime
CNode< _ValueT >Generic node, base class for all nodes
CNParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT >CNParamNode represents functions that take any number of parameters
COneParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT >Special case to improve performance
CParserException< _CharT >CParserException is used to report errors during parsing and evaluation in CMathParser class
CTwoParamNode< _CharT, _ValueT >Special case to improve performance
CUnknownVarNode< _CharT, _ValueT >A variable node for variables that are not predefined
CVarNode< _ValueT >A node that represents variables in the expression
FunctionEntry< functype >A utility class to hold the function pointer for a user defined function and the number of parameters that are needed to call that function
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