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New Release! NetObjects Fusion 9  

NetObjects Fusion is a WYSIWYG Web Design tool with a focus on productivity. NetObjects Fusion provides an intuitive user interface to guide you through the common challenges of web design and development. The tool comes with many templates and theme styles which you can pick and switch easily to quickly create professional looking web pages.

Complete Web Design Solution

If you like to spend endless hours tweaking your code in Dreamweaver and jumping between graphics tools and text editors, juggling files in your folders, then NetObjects Fusion is not for you. It is for the rest of us who likes to get things done in a quick and clean way.

Using NetObjects Fusion, you can design, develop and manage your web site with one application.

Focus on Productivity


Testimonial from Developer of Bestcode.com web site:
Bestcode.com is developed by one person, me, using NetObjects Fusion as a hobby activity. It does not take much time to maintain, thanks to NetObjects Fusion. I do not need to spend time learning HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, CSS etc. I do not need to maintain HTML code. I do not maintain links, I do not maintain files. I tell NetObjects Fusion and it does it all for me. I am able to focus on other important business aspects rather than spend time on HTML details.

Focus on What you are good at

Web technologies evolve in a mind blowing speed. Before one can finish reading a book on one technology, next cool thing is out. If that is your bread and butter, then it is fine. But if you are not a web development professional, or it is not an important focus of your life, then there is no need to try to catch the web train. Let NetObjects Fusion make a reasonable decision for you regarding the ugly code of your web pages. You need to focus on things that you are good at and you need leave web design to NetObjects Fusion, because thatís what it marvels at!

Improve Productivity

Are you a small business owner? Or maybe a programmer trying to sell your products? Did you just buy an HTML book? Want to learn how to build your web site? Are you lost inside Photoshop trying to create a separate graphic for each button button for cases like mouse hover, mouse out, mouse clicked... uuuggh!! So painful. Did you buy a JavaScript book to create cool JavaScript menus too? Do you really want to waste endless hours in front of Dreamweaver trying type your way to a web site? That is not a money making activity for you. Forget about all that. You donít need to learn it all just to create a web site for your business. Get NetObjects Fusion, create your pages, tell it to display button links, type in your text, drag drop your images. You are all set. Congratulations!

What you need is NetObjects Fusion


NetObjects Fusion knows what makes a good web site. It is designed by professionals who have a good grasp on the state of art in web design and development industry. All you need to do is provide your content, and let NetObjects Fusion make it look good for you.




Fire and Forget - Highlights

Elegant CSS styles are ready to pick in NetObjects Fusion. Consistent and elegant look and feel is applied across the site with one click. There is no more going to each and every file to change a small detail. NetObjects Fusion comes packages with professional style designs that you can pick and apply to your entire web site. If you are picky, you can create your own styles too. NetObjects Fusion style concept is a group of user interface elements that share a common look and feel. These are as follows:

  • Page banner
  • Page buttons - primary and secondary
  • Font - Font details
  • Background Image / Color
  • List bullets
  • HTML Rule
  • HTML Styles for Header font (size, color), Paragraph font (Normal text), and Links.

Programmerís Analogy

If you are a programmer, following analogy would help you understand NetObjects Fusion better: Just like a compiler generates machine code, NetObjects Fusion takes your high level visual design and converts it into HTML code. A C programmer does not care what machine code is generated by the compiler. Similarly, we donít care what HTML code is generated by NetObjects Fusion; we are just happy that it works!

You still have the flexibility and freedom to provide your own HTML when necessary. However, in most common cases, you can simply click, drag drop your way to achieve professional look and feel.

Button images are automatically generated by NetObjects Fusion based on selected button image, font, font size and alignment and page names. You donít ever need to use Photoshop or similar to draw your web buttons. In fact, you donít ever need to draw your buttons in NetObjects Fusion too! They are just there when you need them.

NetObjects Fusion Components

Besides a WYSIWYGT editor, NetObjects Fusion comes with various components that you can drag and drop on your web page design. These are too many to list here, but they cover technologies such as All the html form controls, tables, text, site navigation, Java Applets, ActiveX, Flash Components, Asp, Php server side logic, login, logout and much more.

Here at Bestcode, we loved NetObjects Fusion so much, we have developed our own NetObjects Fusion Components too. If you notice, on the top left we have Next-Previous button components. With one drag drop of this component, NetObjects Fusion logic allows us to link all our pages together.

We have a Table of Contents page. Do you think we maintain this page everytime we add a page or delete a page? Hell no! Once upon a time we dropped our table of contents component on the page in NetObjects Fusion design view and since then it displays correct table of contents without intervention.

Master Borders aka Master Pages

NetObjects Fusion reserves the top, botton, left, and right areas of every page to be a master border. The purpose of a master border is to place content that is common to all pages. For example, if you want a set of button links to appear on the left on every page, then it is easy in NetObjects Fusion. You can place the buttons there, and they will appear on all pages that have the same master border. There is no need to go edit every page to fix your links or change your buttons. You change it specify it in one place, and it appears in all pages. Did you like that? Well, thatís not all. Because NetObjects Fusion is better than that!

Read on!

Parametric Web Design

When you place your content on the left side of a master border, for example to display child pages on the left, you do not need to place a button for each child page. You simply drag drop a navigation bar and tell it to display ďchild pagesĒ. Thatís it! Now all your pages that have the same master border will be displaying their child pages on the left. If you delete a page, or move a page to another location, you simply drag drop that page in the site view which looks like below. You do not need to maintain any navigation link even if they appear in 1000 pages.

NetObjects Fusion Site View

Screenshot : NetObjects Fusion 7 : organises web pages as a tree structure. Colors indicate different master borders.

Automatic Maintenance of Links and Site Navigation

NetObjects Fusion maintains links and site navigation almost automatically. For example, the master border for this page you are reading specifies that ďFirst LevelĒ of Bestcode.com web site should be displayed at the top. Thus NetObjects Fusion places the buttons, along with java script sub-menus there. If the name of a first level page changes, all buttons and links that appear in all pages in the entire web site remain upto date. You donít even need to ask for it. They are simply kept upto date at all times.

NetObjects Fusion Video Training

NetObjects Fusion is an intuitive website design program that creates a true drag-and-drop experience for both designers and developers. Quickly layout images, text or any object exactly where you want it on the page. Easily create professional Ajax user interfaces with the power of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML. Data-bind any object to database or RSS feeds to add dynamic content to your site. All this can be achieved without typing one line of code. Below are some videos that highlights basic use cases.

Video Tutorials

Adding a page

Add an E-Commerce Catalog

Adding Content to a Page

Image manipulation

Rearrange and Resize Photos

Publishing your web site

Making a Photo Gallery


Still Donít Have it?? Buy NetObjects Fusion From Us!!

New Release! NetObjects Fusion 9  

NetObjects Fusion is an intuitive, easy to use web site design tool (not just web page, but web site). It has productivity soaring features to reduce repetitive and tedious web site building and maintenance tasks. This website is built with NetObjects Fusion. We have witnessed itís marvel, now we want you to have it too!

Take a look now: www.netobjects.com