Visual Basic Example
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To use bcParser COM Component in Visual Basic, you need to tell your Visual Basic that this component exists. So that during design time it the Visual Basic IDE can show you hints about the component using it’s intellisense technology. To enable this, you need to select References under the Project menu option.

In the References dialog you should check the “bcParser 1.0 Type Library”. If you cannot find that option, it means that your bcParser COM component is not registered in Windows System Registry. Then you need to make sure you install it properly.

If you do fine till this point, you are all set to go:

In the evaluation download, there is a simple, one form, Visual Basic 6 project that demonstrates using the component. You can easily try it out after going through above steps. You can find the example Visual Basic project in the installation directory of the component.

Here is an ASP Sample Screen Shot:

When using in ASP, make sure that your IIS user account has access permissions to the component. You should ideally install the COM Component in a directory where IIS can access it. Otherwise you will see access permission errors in your ASP page. The prog ID to use in Server.CreateObject method for the Component is BcParser.Parser.

Happy coding!