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uCalc Fast Math Parser

Bestcode is pleased to present you our competitor in Math Parser technologies!

We have partnered with uCalc to better serve your needs in the realm of expression parsing.

What is uCalc Fast Math Parser?

uCalc Fast Math Parser allows programs to evaluate math (and string) expressions that are defined at run time. Ease of implementation, flexibility, sturdiness and speed are at the core of the product's design.

Product Features include:

  • Speedy parsing and evaluations
  • Support for .NET, VB, PB, Delphi, VC++, BCB++, and more
  • Library of standard arithmetic, trigonometric, relational (comparison), and miscellaneous routines (for both numbers and strings). See complete list of operators and functions
  • User-defined operators and functions, with support for overloading, overshadowing, bootstrapping, or recursion; optional arguments, fixed or indefinite number of arguments; multi-statements separated by semicolons
  • Function/operator definitions can either be self contained, or attached to routines from your host program or any conventional DLLs such as the Windows API or other
  • User operator definitions can be infix, prefix, or postfix, and can be given a precedence level; an operator can be alphanumeric or be composed of symbols
  • User-defined variables (and constants) can be internal, or attached to a variable in your host program, or any valid memory address
  • A user variable can be defined as a temporary local item
  • Selected definitions can be locked to prevent redefinition
  • Supported data types include: Byte, Integer, Long, Dword, Single, Double, Extended, Currency, SortedList, Table, LPCSTR (null-terminated string), FixedLength string, dynamic String, user-defined types, and more
  • Multi-threading
  • FPU control
  • Exception handling (for overflow, division by zero, etc.) and general error handling
  • User-defined character patterns and syntax constructs
  • Items (functions, variables, operators, ...) can be renamed, or undefined
  • uCalc FMP also inherits a host of other features from the uCalc Language Builder

UCalc FMP supports parsing and evaluating expressions using C++ Builder, Delphi, PowerBASIC (PB/DLL and PB/CC), Visual Basic (classic), .NET (C#, VB.NET etc), and Visual C++.

You can view uCalc Online Help Documentation here .

uCalc works on Windows. If you need portability and source code for Windows, Linux, MacOS, then please consider bcParserCPP - Math Parser for C++, or JbcParser - Math Parser for Java.

uCalc Standard and uCalc Lite

Standard License

  • A license key that removes the message box
  • Full feature set of uCalc Fast Math Parser
  • Priority technical support
  • Free upgrade(s) up to (and including) version 3.0 of uCalc Fast Math Parser
  • Free license for uCalc Language Builder when that becomes available (a $950 value)
  • Free serial number for previous versions (upon request)

Lite License

The lite license is for those who want a fast math parser, but don't care for advanced bells and whistles. You can always upgrade later if necessary.

You get a license code that removes the message box, but with the following limitations:

  • The following end-user functions (that is functions that can be used in an expression) are disabled when the lite license option is applied: uCalc, uCalcStr (uCalc and uCalcStr are still available at the compiler level), uc_For, uc_Loop, and SetSyntaxParams (Macro uses SetSyntaxParams, therefore that is disabled as well)
  • Usage of the Table and Stack types is restricted
  • ucExpand, ucGetItemData, and ucSetItemData are unavailable
  • You are limited to 55 syntax definitions (with ucDefineSyntax)

NOTE: Syntax definitions found in the include file count towards the definition limit, and deplete much of the limit. You can delete some definitions in the include file in order to make room for definitions of your own if necessary. And some definitions may internally count as multiple definitions.

Bestcode also offers Math Parser Components available on many platforms/languages such as:

Purchasing uCalc Fast Math Parser - Standard

You can pay with credit card and download uCalc Fast Math Parser immediately from our regnow online store for $600 USD.

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Purchasing uCalc Fast Math Parser - Lite

You can pay with credit card and download uCalc Fast Math Parser Lite Edition immediately from our regnow online store for $150 USD.