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Outlook Redemption


Outlook Redemption?

Outlook Redemption works around limitations imposed by the Outlook Security Patch and Service Pack 2 of MS Office 98/2000 and Office 2002/2003/2007 (which include Security Patch) plus provides a number of objects and functions to work with properties and functionality not exposed through the Outlook object model.

As of version 4.0, Redemption library also includes the RDO (Redemption Data Objects) family of objects that can function as a CDO 1.21 replacement.

With Outlook Redemption you can

  • Make your code run unaffected by the Security Patch.
  • Access properties not exposed by the Outlook Object Model (internet message headers, sender e-mail address and hundreds more properties)
  • Display Address Book.
  • Directly access RTF body of any Outlook item
  • Import MSG, EML (RFC822) and TNEF files
  • Export messages to the MSG, EML, TXT, HTML, TNEF and vCard formats.
  • Access and manipulate Outlook accounts (Outlook 2002 and above, RDO library)
  • Create, access and manipulate MAPI profiles and accounts (Profman library)
  • Access MAPI stores (not exposed in the Outlook Object Model at all)
  • Directly access message attachments as strings or as arrays without saving them as files first
  • And much, much more!

Redemption supports Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 (Outlook 97 is not supported by the Safe*Item objects). The RDO family of objects can also be used with the Exchange Server versions of MAPI.

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Using Outlook Redemption

Please follow and carefully read the links below before using Outlook Redemption.

  • Redemption objects providing access to the properties, functions and objects blocked by the Outlook Security Patch. In addition to providing the exact replica of the corresponding Outlook objects, some of these objects have extra properties and methods, such as RTFBody on all Safe*Item objects, AsString and AsArray on attachments, etc. These objects are designed to be used alongside your existing OOM or CDO 1.21 code with as few modifications as possible.
  • RDO (Redemption Data Objects) library is designed to be used as a complete CDO 1.21 replacement. This family of objects is designed to be used standalone, but it can of course still be used along with your existing OOM or CDO code.
  • Miscellaneous Redemption objects providing access to the Extended MAPI properties and functionality not available through the Outlook Object Model.

How Outlook Redemption works

Redemption is a regular COM library; once registered on the system, it is accessible to any programming language (VB, VBA, VC++, Delphi, etc). Redemption uses Extended MAPI (which is not affected by the Security Patch since it is not accessible to the scripting languages) to duplicate the functionality blocked by the Security Patch. All Safe*Item Redemption objects have an Item property which must be set to an Outlook item. Once set, you can access any properties and methods, both blocked and not blocked. For the blocked properties and functions, Redemption objects completely bypass the Outlook object model and behave exactly like Outlook objects with no Security Patch applied. For the properties and methods not blocked by the Security Patch, all calls are transparently forwarded to the Outlook object that you assign to the Item property. With this approach changes to your code are minimal: you only change the way you declare the objects, but not the rest of your code that actually accesses both blocked and not blocked properties and methods.

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