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Mercalli - Video Stabilisation

Mercalli Video Stabilisation

What is Mercalli?
Mercalli is a program that lets you stabilise shaky footage during post processing. Mercalli detects and distinguishes between intended movements, such as panning or zoom shots, and unintended shocks and shakes.

How does Mercalli work?
Mercalli analyses every frame in a video clip.

Whenever it detects any shake or tracking of an object, Mercalli stabilises the frame by repositioning the entire image to compensate. This reduces camera shake and smoothes the object. The result is always a significant improvement, and even perfect footage can be achieved during post-processing!

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Why choose Mercalli?

Mercalli is intuitive to use.

Unlike with other solutions, you don't need to battle with mathematical theories. Mercalli does it all for you, in the background.

Mercalli lets you decide

You, the viewer, can best assess the results. You, the producer, want to create a certain atmosphere.
Although Mercalli is fully automatic, it lets you make specific recommendations and requests using its intuitive controls. Mercalli lets you view the analysis of the video footage and provides suggestions for further improvements. Together, these features let you achieve a maximum level of stabilisation - and the best possible results.

Mercalli is easy to use

The consistent integration of the plugin ensures maximum ease of use. Mercalli integrates directly with your video editing solution. You can access it just like our other program filters or video effects and apply it to a video clip. With other stabilisation programs, you still have to run imports/exports, configure codecs, etc ...

Mercalli is fast!

On up-to-date systems, Mercalli will even run in real time. Where similar programs process 3-4 frames per second, Mercalli simply tears through the frames of a video sequence. Even multicore support is included as standard, so Mercalli uses all of your current system capacity and will be an optimum solution for future hardware upgrades.

Mercalli is affordable!

First-class highly efficient stabilisation solution, which gives you maximum freedom even at the filming stage - because use of a tripod or another more or less convenient stabiliser system may not always be practical or even possible.

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