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ISAPI Url Rewrite

IIS URL Rewrite using ISAPI

Bestcode is pleased to bring you the best in IIS URL rewrite technology. We have partnered with Helicon Software to offer you ISAPI_Rewrite, an ISAPI Filter that you can integrate with IIS (Internet Information Server) to use friendly URLs instead of parametric ones. This also makes your website Search Engine friendly and is likely to improve your SEO score.

What is URL Rewrite?

URL re-writing is an advanced technique used for various reasons. One typical reason is to make dynamic URLs look more static to make search engine robots think they are static resources.

This kind of url rewriting can be done inside .htaccess if you are using Apache Web Server, typically on Linux. Here we are offering you the capability to do the same on Windows using IIS.

For example, in latest versions of IIS and ASP.NET, you can easily map one request url to another:

However, you cannot do the following mapping with ASP.NET:

What is the problem with existing URL Rewrite?

When a request is made, based on the request URL, IIS maps the request to an ISAPI Extension. For example, aspx files get mapped to ASP.NET extension to be processed. In above example, if you take a static URL like:

IIS would not know that it needs to invoke ASP.NET. But the existing URL mapping functionality is built into ASP.NET. If it is not invoked, then URL mapping logic does not come into play at all.

Therefore, URL mapping logic needs to be executed in an earlier stage BEFORE IIS makes a decision on whether to use ASP.NET or not.

ISAPI_Rewrite to the rescue

ISAPI_Rewrite is an ISAPI Filter which extends your IIS Server and intercepts incoming requests. Doing so, it gets the first chance to re-write incoming http headers so that the request can be modified before IIS makes too many assumptions about it.

Here is information on How to use ISAPI_Rewrite.

ISAPI_Rewrite 2 Features

  • Regular expressions-based URL rewriting engine.
  • Support for global per-server configuration file
  • Support for per-virtual-site configuration files
  • In-memory configurations cache
  • Automatic deletion of rarely-used configurations from memory
  • Monitoring of configuration files and metabase changes and dynamic configuration reload
  • Optimize your dynamic content like forums or e-stores to be indexed by a popular search engines.
  • Block hot linking of your data files by other sites.
  • Develop a custom authorization scheme and manage access to the static files using custom scripts and database.
  • Proxy content of one site into directory on another site.
  • Make your Intranet servers to be accessible from the Internet by using only one Internet server with a very flexible permissions and security options.
  • Create dynamic host-header based sites using a single physical site.
  • Create virtual directory structure of the site hiding physical files and extensions. This also helps moving from one technology to another.
  • Return a browser-dependent content even for static files.
  • And many other problems could be solved with the power of the regular expression engine built into the ISAPI_Rewrite.

Purchasing ISAPI_Rewrite 2

You can pay with credit card and download ISAPI_Rewrite immediately from our online store for only $99.00.
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