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ISAPI Filters / IIS Extensions

What is ISAPI?

ISAPI is the Application Programming interface for Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). ISAPI allows programmers to write DLLs to extend the functionality of the IIS webserver in many ways. ISAPI DLLs are categorized in two groups: ISAPI Filters and ISAPI Extensions.

ISAPI Filters

ISAPI Filters are native DLLs that intercept incoming HTTP requests and outgoing respenses in IIS WebServer and modify data on the fly. Bestcode has experience developing and using ISAPI filters and we are pleased to share this expertise with you via various ISAPI filter software for your IIS needs.

TbcISAPIFilter component brings visual development to your Delphi and C++ Builder environment by letting you point and click to handle events. (Source code included.)

ISAPI Url Rewrite is a technique to map friendly HTTP Urls to parametric URLs so that your website is more user friendly and more Search Engine friendly. This functionality is similar to mod_rewrite of Apache. Using ISAPI_Rewrite module you can extend your IIS server to map URLs using regular expression patterns.

bcAuthenticate is an IIS ISAPI Authentication Filter that uses ODBC to map individual website visitors to Windows Accounts for authentication and authorization purposes for the Microsoft Internet Information Server.