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We are ready to helpFor technical support questions please use the Contact us form You can also e-mail to: support@bestcode.com. Please mention product name on subject line to help us filter spam. An email with the subject “Hello” is easy to miss, but “Math Parser” catches the eye.

You can also post your questions and answers in our technical forum.

Pay with Credit Card

Bestcode.com delegates credit card processing and order fullfilment to eSellerate.net. Thus, your credit card bill will show a charge by WWW.ESELLERATE.NET . There is a re-stocking fee of %10 for returns. This covers the fee eSellerate charges Bestcode and it covers eSellerate’s expenses for the bank transactions. eSellerate will automatically process your payment and provide you with a download link.

Pay with PayPal

You may send PayPal payments to support@bestcode.com Please mention the correct product name and include the correct amount of payment as listed in our online store for your PayPal payments. We will send the product as an e-mail attachment when we receive your PayPal payment. There may be few hours to a day delay for us to process and complete your order via e-mail if you use PayPal.

Thanks for your interest in Bestcode’s software.

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