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Next-Previous Links Component

BestCode “Next-Previous” Button  Component
for NetObjects Fusion 4, 5, MX, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Next-Previous Button Component is a NetObjects Fusion ’add on’ to provide easy  linking between successor and predecessor pages. Some web sites may benefit from  navigation capability provided by previous page - next page links that exist on  every page. This is especially helpful for sites that are structured like a book where content has a sorted order. Teaching sites, presentation sites are good  candidates.

Note that this functionality is different than the smart links of  NetObjects Fusion!

When you use smart links, say for example the next page link, if you  place your link on a master border, that link will be empty when there is no  next sibling of a page in the hierarchy. Thus you cannot use the same link code  on a master border to apply to all pages with valid links. Where as this Bestcode component guarantees complete site traversalthrough the Previous-Next links.


This Component from makes it easy to link successive pages by automating the link placement and maintenance.

The linking logic of Next Button is as in the diagram below:
Linking logic

This guarantees complete linking when the  component is placed on all master borders.

You can choose to have "Previous Page", "Next Page" links, or you can choose to have a link to "Table of Contents" in the between (e.g. prev-TOC-next). You  can choose to display the links as text or you can use images.

The component can display a custom text that you supply for each link, or it can automatically pick the auto text (Banner, button or title text) of the targeted page to display as well.

It will know about your "don't publish" pages and skip them as necessary. As you change your site structure, you won't have to worry about any broken links.  Next time you publish, the component will generate correct HTML based on your  new site structure.

This component excels when placed on "master borders" so that you can benefit  from it's parametric nature by automatically generating specialized HTML for  each page where a master border is used.

For those of you who are new in NetObjects Fusion, if we assume your site has  50 pages and they all use the same master border, then when you place this  component on that master border, all of your pages will be correctly linked to each other with just one drag drop, instead of having to edit and maintain each of the 50 pages separately.


You just need to extract (unzip) the files to the Components directory under your NetObjects Fusion’s  installation directory. This will put all the component files under “BcNextPrevTextBtnsX ” directory. When you restart the NetObjects Fusion next time, it will know about the new component.


To use your new component, you will need to pick the Bestcode Component Palette (Image below).
Pick Bestcode Tools

When you enable the “Bestcode” palette, depending on which Bestcode  components you have, you will see one or more icons in it. The ”Next-Prev” one  is circled in green below:

Bestcode Tools

You can click on it, and place it on a page. Note that this component will be  most effective when placed on master borders, so that it can automatically  perform its duty -without any manual tuning- on every page where the master border is used.

The component supports the following properties:

Use: Specifies what to use for the links: Text or Image.

Text Type: What will be the visible text that is displayed? When the links are in text form, a text of this type will be linked to the page in  question. Otherwise an image of your choice [default images are provided in the  installation directory for your convenience] will be displayed and these texts will become the ALT tag option for your images:

    Custom Text: Entered by the user. e.g. ”Next Page”, “Previous Page”.
    Button Text: For each page(node) on the site tree, that page’s Navigation Button textwill be used. An example to the navigation buttons are the links you  see on the top-left section of this page.
    Banner Text: For each  page(node) on the site tree, that page’s Banner textwill be used. Banner is  usually the long bar at the top of a page [This page has one too at the top].
    Page Title: For each page(node) on the site tree, that page’s Page titlewill be used.  Page title is the text that is displayed at the top frame of Internet Explorer when your visitors view the page.
    HTML Link: For each page(node) on  the site tree, that page’s relative URL that is actually used in the HTML will be used to be displayed.

Text for Next Button: Custom Text to be displayed for the Next page link.

Text for Prev Button: Custom Text to be displayed for the Previous page link.

Text for TOC Button: Text to be displayed for the TOC (Table of  contents) page, if such page is specified as a link.

Link Alignment: [Inner-Outer] When you drag and drop this component, it will be represented by a place holder image in the NetObjects Fusion screen. The size of this image, which you can adjust, will determine the bounding rectangle for the text based next previous links. If you want the previous-next links to be further apart from each other, then you can expand the component horizontally and select [outer] option. If you want them to be close to each  other in the center then you need to select [inner] option.

[outer] example:

Previous Page

Next Page

[inner] example:

Previous Page

Next Page

Prev Image: The image file to display instead of the text link for the  previous page link. At the bottom of this page, there is an example using the  default images that come in the installation directory.

Next Image: The image file to display instead of the text link for the next page link.

TOC Image: If a Table Of Contents page is specified, then this image will be used to give a link to that page.

TOC Page: A link to the Table Of Contents page. [This is any page you  want. Does not have to be TOC page. You may want to link to the top page of your  site and call the link “home” for example].

Prev-Next Links Component is distributed with Bestcode NetObjects Fusion Component Pack.

For technical questions please contact