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ImageDir - Quickly Create Links to Images

BestCode “Image Directory” Component
for NetObjects Fusion 4, 5, MX, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

BcImageDir is a component that automatically generates a “table of image links” (see sample here ) for a given directory full of images. When you place the component on your page, you will pick a directory to publish images from. This component will make sure that your table of image links page displays upto date information at all times.


BcImageDir component allows the user to pick a directory to publish images from. The user can set the image extensions to publish. Each time the site is published, the component will re-scan the directory and generate HTML to reflect most recent changes. For example, one of the file names may have changed! That’s OK. It will be reflected.

The user can set the following properties:

Date Format: Short, Medium, Long, Full. Used to format the file date if displayed.

Directory of Images: The directory where the images reside. The user will need to pick any image inside this directory to set this property. This is a limitation of NetObjects Fusion API since its Open Dialog does not allow picking a directory.

Display: Display File Name or File Relative Path.

Display Extension: If True, displays the file’s extension at the end of its name. If False, displays the file name only. (e.g. myphoto.gif or myphoto)

File Date: If True displays file date.

File Size: If True, displays file size.

Image Types to Publish: Comma delimited list of file extensions to be displayed.

Number Of Columns: User can divide the display list into columns by specifying the number of columns here.

Remote Directory: The name of the directory (relative to the site home) on the remote system where the images will be published to.

Image Directory Component is distributed with Bestcode NetObjects Fusion Component Pack.

For technical questions please contact