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BcAutoName - Auto Assign Name Attributes

BestCode “Auto Name” and “AutoText” Components
for NetObjects Fusion 4, 5, MX, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

BcAutoNameAppComp is a NetObjects Fusion Site Wizard component (appears as Auto Text Wizard) that automatically copies one name attribute of a page to another name attribute of the same page for all pages in a web site.

In this context, a name attribute is a Page Name, Page Title, Navigation Button Text, or Banner Text:

Custom Names in NetObjects Fusion

You can invoke the Site Wizards in NetObjects Fusion from Tools Menu:

Invoking Site Wizards


In the Site Wizards box, you will pick the “Auto Text Wizard” to start this component:

You will pick a source attribute to copy its values to the target attribute for all pages in your site.

This need may typically arise while creating a new site when you do not want to assign different text to all different items such as Button, Banner etc. So you would typically assign only the Button Text and copy it to all other attributes automatically.

Another scenario is when you import a remote site, you may need to create NetObjects Fusion master borders and banners and navigation bars for it from scratch. In this case, the page title would have been imported correctly, so you may want to copy the title of all pages to their new banners automatically instead of doing this manually for each page one by one! Imagine the time saved! :)

BcAutoTextAppComp is also a NetObjects Fusion Site Wizard component (appears as Auto Text Copy Wizard ) that automatically copies a given value to an attribute of the same page for all pages in a web site. You can also specify a condition as: “where target value is: ‘avalue’ ” such that the copying of the new value will only be executed if a page’s old value is the value you have specified in the condition box.

A typical scenario where this component becomes useful is when you have a website with alot of pages with explicitly assigned “.html” extension (as a result of import maybe!?) and you want to name all your pages to have “.asp” extension now. This component can do it in a second:


These components come as Zip files named and You should place the zip files in the NetObjects Fusions’ Components directory and unzip it there. Unzipping will create two new directories called “BcAutoNameAppComp” and “BcAutoTextAppComp” under the /Components directory. These new directories contain the necessary files that NetObjects Fusion needs to be able to use the components next time you start it.

Auto Name and Auto Text Components are distributed with Bestcode NetObjects Fusion Component Pack.

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