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Windows 2003 Specific Permissions

Windows 2003 Installation/Security Settings Highlights

Windows 2003 attempts to enhance Windows security and is quite different than Window 2000. Differences are as follows:

1. You need to pick your ISAPI filter DDL and introduce it to IIS as “allowed to run”.

2. You need to make sure that your Web Site uses an Application Pool that uses an Account that has proper access rights to the directories where your bcAuthenticate LOG file resides and your database is located. Simplest way to make sure permissions are allowed is to use “Local System” account.

Then you need to set the account in the Identity tab:

3. Then you can install the component. However, the DLL will be loaded only after you make an http request and then you can see the green status:

3. Remember to tell IIS not to use Anonymous Access, but use Basic Authentication:

And when you try to access a protected page (you need to limit directory access permissions and tell IIS not to use Anonymous Acces), you can login as below: