NT PermissionsTable of ContentsSetting Permissions
Creating New Users

In some cases, you may want to create a new Windows user account for your web users to use to access web server resources. Before you use this new account in the bcAuthenticate Filter, to rule out odd setup problems, make sure you can access your website using this new user id and password so that you can have confidence that web users mapped by the authentication filter can access too.

To create new user, In the Control Panel, click on Computer Management:

Windows Control Panel

The right click on Users branch and pick “New User”:

Creating a new user

An example user created to access project 1 resources could be as follows:

Details of a new Windows User

The user needs to be a member of a Group that has permissions to access the resources you wish to protect:

User membership

Once the user account is ready, you need to setup permissions for this user to access your web site resources.